Poppy cream
against wrinkles

1.Poppy cream is 100% natural cream. Mixed according to 25 year old recipe.
2.It is the only poppy seed that contains only natural ingredients and is free of any chemical additives and preservatives.
3.Make Cream is designed for all skin types for both day and night use.
4.Restoring the face with strong contours.
5. Strengthens the skin and restores its elasticity deep wrinkles on the face and neck
6. Highly effective double composition helps solve multiple ocular problems and restores his youthful appearance.
7. Contributes to the skin and renews its elasticity
8.Reduces wrinkles around the eyes and restores the youthful look around your eyes
9.It is very effective for problem skin women who have allergic or Sensitive skin has medicinal effects
10.Ucine helps remove: Acne acne and other inflammatory processes on skin.