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8 reasons to include poppy milk in your diet
Poppy Milk Health Effects and Benefits:
1. We added 100% fresh fruit banana pineapple to our poppy drink to 250g of pure fruit. In our poppy drink you will not find any chemical substitutes for fruit or fruit concerts, but honest fruit. Even one sip and the smell of poppy drink will convince you that the quality of 100% fruit is unmistakable and that taste will convince you of the correctness of our decision. Our poppy drink does not contain any added sugar or preservatives!

2. According to recent research, the use of calcium from plant sources is much higher than from milk and dairy products in which calcium is bound to casein. Poppy milk is strongly alkaline well balances both the acidified stomach and the whole organism. It works great as a prevention of osteoporosis, which is very widespread in Europe in 1l. up to 98% of the recommended dose Calcium per day.

3. Poppy's milk is known to be faster after it is known from the past when it helped to cushion pain and used for faster sleep. If you have insomnia or chronic fatigue, try everyone drink a cup of poppy milk in the evening before bedtime. You will loosen it faster and you will be well back. There are many compounds in it that help the body to produce neurotransmitters. They are necessary for the brain to function properly.

4. It improves the immune system most often by improper functioning of the immune system hides a lack of zinc and vitamin D3 in the body. So if you often suffer from cold or flu, include it to your diet poppy milk. Poppy seeds are a rich source of the mentioned mineral zinc and start the production of immune cells. Vitamin D 3 and its most important role in the body is to maintain it the right level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, which is essential for the development and growth of bones in childhood and their adult recovery. Vitamin D 3 is also involved in some immune processes, blood regulation pressure and growth of blood, muscle and skin cells. Vitamin D 3 affects over 200 processes in our body and its importance is confirmed by many researches. She is currently suffering from vitamin deficiency D 3 almost 70% of the population of all age groups. hotels 4th It releases constipation Poppy milk contains a lot of dietary fiber. Thanks to it they will get your meals

5. At the same time, this fiber works as a scraper in the intestines and helps to empty. If you suffer from heartburn or digestive difficulty, drink regular poppy milk. even in diarrhea because it calms the intestines.

6. Poppy milk does not contain lactose or gluten and is easily digested for the body for people who cannot eat lactose or gluten and is a good choice for poppy seed milk into their diet.Poppy contains oleic acid and linoleic, which have proven to be excellent trying to improve memory or lower blood pressure. and that's not all. They have identified recent researches of poppy a great food to prevent breast cancer.

7. Heartbeat Many populations of fatty acids such as acids are found in poppies linoleic, which reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and affects the heart. Poppy milk therefore, it is right to label it as a beverage for the heart acting preventively from various heart beats infarction.

8. Poppy milk is included among garam foods - that is, those that have a warming effect on body and soul. It works as a prevention against oral ulcers in Ayurveda with poppy seeds used to treat various ulcers or cancers of the oral cavity. Many health effects do are attributed to several enzymes such as diastase, lipase or emulsion. Regular drinking so you care about the health of your mouth.