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Poppy and health
Does our beverage containing mac have positive effects for our organism?

1. Poppy is itself a significant source of calcium, even 12 times more than cow's milk.

2. Poppy contains healthy fats, carbohydrates, fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, most of them iron.

3. Poppy drink is alkaline, so it does not acidify our body, but it needs to be sugar-free and thus does not burden our digestive system.

4. For people suffering from anemia, osteoporosis, pancreatic and gall bladder disorders, rheumatism, migraine, or chronic fatigue, even with initial cough symptoms.

5. For women in both menopause and adolescents because it increases moisture and mineral balance in the skin and adds velvety softness.

6. It releases the clogged digestive tract due to dietary fiber, which also helps to clean the digestive tract walls.

7. It works as a prevention of oral ulcers - in Ayurveda poppy seeds are used to treat various ulcers or cancer of the oral cavity. Many health effects are attributed multiple enzymes such as diastase, lipase or emulsin. By regular drinking, you take care of your mouth's health.

8. If you have insomnia or chronic fatigue, try to drink a cup of poppy drink every night before going to bed. You will loosen it faster and sleep well. Located in to him many compounds that help the body produce neurotransmitters. These are needed for the brain to function properly.

9. Improves the immune system - Zinc deficiency in the body is most often behind the malfunctioning of the immune system. So if you often suffer from cold or flu, include it to your diet poppy drink. Indeed, poppy seeds are a rich source of the aforementioned mineral and "start" the production of immune substances.

10. Heart Benefit - There are many basic fatty acids in the poppy, such as linoleic acid, omega 3 - 6, which lowers blood cholesterol and has a beneficial heart and high pressure. Therefore, the poppy drink can be rightly labeled as a heart drink. It works preventively against various heart diseases or heart attacks.

11. It fights skin problems. You can also try the soothing effects of a poppy drink right on your skin. If you have dry itching with hives or rashes, rub these areas. The poppy drink is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, which are key in dealing with skin infections. It also has beneficial effects on skin suturing, combating wrinkles.