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Poppy and health
Poppy drink and cancer prevention

1. Tumor thrives in acidic environment - Tumor tissues are very acidic and healthy they are slightly alkaline. The first step towards cancer is the increased acidity of tissues and blood and at the same time considerable hypoxia, which is an acute oxygen deficiency for healthy cell metabolism.

Important is pH - It is true that healthy cells live only in a slightly basic environment that is oxygen-rich. Again, tumor cells thrive in an oxygen-free acidic environment. if you have an acidified organism, it's the result of what you eat.

2. Memory to Cancer - Poppy contains oleic acid, which is excellent tried to improve memory or lower blood pressure. And that's not all. Recent researches maks labeled a great food to prevent breast cancer.

3. Poppy beverage is alkaline. Regularly drink to get rid of your acid organism and adjust ph and protect yourself from civilization diseases.

4. Calcium acts to prevent cancer.

5. Alarming Colon Cancer Numbers : Unfortunately, among all countries, Slovakia has earned a second place just behind the Republic of Korea. To make matters worse, our men were the worst, among whom colorectal carcinoma was the highest - up to 61.6 diagnosed diseases per hundred thousand inhabitants. In addition to the omega 3-6 fatty acid content, poppy seed is also an excellent source of fiber - 100g poppy seed, which is the amount contained in Poppy Drink, contains 19.5g of fiber equivalent to half of the recommended daily dose of pulp for human irreplaceable role in the diet of omega-3 fatty acids, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids reduces the risk of colon cancer due to their anti-inflammatory effects.