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Poppy and health
Does our drink help your baby?

1. Poppy is itself a significant source of calcium, even 12 times more than cow's milk.

2. In 1 liter of poppy-seed drink, up to 88% of the recommended daily dose of calcium is per day. In order to absorb the absorbent into the bone, it should be taken with either vitamin C or vitamin D3 + K2.

3. Why is calcium important for pregnant women in poppy beverage? Calcium is needed for blood circulation, blood clotting and promotes the proper functioning of the mother's and fetal's nervous system. It helps to reduce pregnancy high pressure and provides relief from leg cramps that may occur during pregnancy. Calcium is essential for the construction of a growing fetus skeleton and its need for advanced pregnancy is increasing. Many studies emphasize how important the condition of bones is before pregnancy. In the early stages of pregnancy, calcium is pumped out of the bones. Therefore, women should ensure that they have sufficient intake before pregnancy so that they can cope well with the increased need for calcium.

4. It has been found that the development of bone of each human is affected by the state of the organism mother in pregnancy. If the supply of nutrients and minerals is inadequate, there is a risk that the child may be at risk adulthood will suffer from reduced bone mass.