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Poppy and health
Bone protection for children and adults

Osteoporosis does not bypass children. It also threatens your kids. They are being examined by us every week four to five small patients suspected of osteoporosis. Regular use of the poppy drink in children in conjunction with vitamin D3 + K2 and C in childhood and adolescence contributes to the proper development of the whole organism and the proper development of bones. And because in a period of intense growth (up to puberty), the demands for a stable supply of calcium and vitamin D3 + K2 and C to the body are increasing, because it is then that children and adolescents have few.                             

In Slovakia, nearly 2 million women and nearly every fourth man suffer from ostreoporosis or osteoponosis (bone thinning). Poppy drink is also an excellent choice for women in the climacterium, where the risk of osteoporosis is increased and also for people in the elderly. Poppy is a source of calcium and phosphorus that are essential for bone and tooth health.                             

Poppy itself is a significant source of calcium, even containing it twelve times more than cow's milk. Poppy drink serves as prevention and auxiliary treatment for osteoporosis, improves the condition of teeth, hair, nails.                             

Up to 88% of the recommended daily dose of calcium per day is in 1 liter of poppy drink. To absorb calcium it should be taken to the bone with either vitamin C or vitamin D3 + K2.